Krescendo Ltd


UI Design
Content Design


I helped to redesign 
the whole architecture 
the contents and the interface of the Livedataset website.



The initial request was to design the interface for the new website of Livedataset by Krescendo Ltd, a Data Management System service for Fintech companies. 
Alongside with this request the client asked for design of diagrams and illustrations.    

All the initial targets were achieved and the final result was that of an informative website with a consistent interface and illustrative diagrams and schemes.    

The final image was so effective that it also became the reference in any other company communications, thus becoming a real branding project for the Livedataset product.


Livedataset data management editing and validation solutions, normally sold to big fintech companies, 
was previously promoted using custom-tailored communications designed on the specific Company.

The aim of this redesign is to promote and inform about Livedataset to a wider range of companies, proposing a flexible sizing of the service scalable and effective for companies of any size, not only the big ones.

The tone of the communication, therefore, should have need to be more focused on clear USP and less technical at a glance with a trendy and friendly interface. Further in-depth data should have been provided in product sheets. 

The architecture of the website should have been redesigned from the scratch splitting it into various pages with descriptions of the diverse applications of the service 
and one specific regarding 
the platform.

The hope was to achieve consistent parameters of visual communication useful to work as a branding.


The targets were set on the initial briefing from leadership, the marketing team and the dev team.   

I had to account for every indication from the team and continual feedback from leadership while elaborating studies and wireframes that conducted to proposals then usability tests.   

We did remote testing which helped to make sure we were solving actual problems for customers. Whether it was a wireframe, screen prototype or a simple paper card-sort, these almost daily sessions helped us to validate, test ideas and iterate quickly.   

This was definitely a recursive Lean iteration process based on short term sprints and user validations.   

The whole iteration process consisted of Think and solve – Build and design – Launch and test – Measure and learn.


Working together on a shared building tool as Divi for Wordpress allowed us to concentrate in one istance three phases: prototyping, developing and testing.
I used Adobe Illustrator for contents such as images, diagrams, etc, for sketching the website architecture and for wireframing. 

We set up a lo-fi clickable prototype using Invision to help aid the crew conversations and also provide usability insights.


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